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Need to liquidate your London Company? Want quick, friendly, easy to understand advice?

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Hello, by visiting this site you are showing that you’re worried about your London based business. It may be that you have had enough of all of those sleepless nights and cashflow nightmares. We know you don’t want to go to work on Monday mornings and that Friday night comes as a blessed relief – creditors cannot call you and harrass you at the weekend, can they?
We can help you quickly put an end to this pressure.

Popular questions, click below for more information….

  • What does liquidation mean?
  • What is voluntary liquidation?
  • What is wrongful trading?
  • What is compulsory liquidation?

Can I liquidate my own company?


Can I be a director again if I liquidate this company?
Wondering how can you pay wages and salaries, cover rent and rates, pay the PAYE and VAT and keep the bank happy? If its a vicious circle of debt, that is just getting worse, then you need to ACT, you don’t want to end up with personal liability do you?
Please use the pages on our site for some straightforward guidance on how to liquidate your company. Then call KSA on 0207 887 2667.

We will help you through the process and, one of our own licensed insolvency practitioners, could be helping you within hours. Or we may be able to show you a rescue path like for example a company voluntary arrangement (opens new page).

KSA charges very reasonable liquidation fees, as we keep prices down by not paying any middle men and using the internet to efficiently reach our clients. Secondly, although we have 2 insolvency practitioners based in London, our liquidation “production people/back office” are based in a low cost office outside London. So we can charge much lower fees than most other IP’s.

Please give us a call us now on 0207 887 2667 and speak to one of our London insolvency practitioners

Wayne Harrison or call Wayne’s mobile 07879 555349 or call Eric Walls on 07787 278527.

Email us by clicking here Freephone 0845 519 4930 or main line 0207 887 2667

Our London office address is as follows:

KSA Group, 99 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3XD

We will be happy to meet you at our Bishopgates office, between Bank and Liverpool Street Stations. All initial meetings are free of charge.

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