Who we are

KSA Group are corporate recovery experts and Licensed Insolvency Practitioners. Simply, we help business leaders make the right decision in difficult circumstances

Keith Steven

Managing Director


Keith is managing director of KSA Group Ltd – a specialist firm of insolvency and turnaround practitioners. More than 5,000 people have contacted KSA Group since Keith launched his unique website www.companyrescue.co.uk in 2000 and over 500 companies have now been directly assisted by the author over the last 15 years with assignments ranging from large multi national projects to small manufacturing companies, to simple advice over the phone.

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Contact Keith on 0845 519 4930 or 07584 583884 or or by email at keiths@ksagroup.co.uk

Eric Walls (MIPA FABRP)

National Director of Turnaround and Insolvency


Eric is a licensed insolvency practitioner regulated and licensed by the Insolvency Practitioners Association. His ethos is always “give the right advice, choose the right options, rescue first if possible.” He has many years experience in accounting and insolvency having trained at Touche Ross (Deloitte) and has been involved in turnaround and insolvency since the early 90’s.

You can contact him on 07787 278527 or ericw@ksagroup.co.uk

Iain Campbell 

Operations Director


Iain Campbell joined KSA in 2001 and is our operations director. Iain has vast experience in handling enquiries, rescuing viable companies, helping people close companies and all things insolvency.  Iain’s role is to ensure that all our work is efficient and clients get the best possible service whatever their problem.

Wayne Harrison 

Director of Insolvency London


Wayne is an insolvency practitioner with many years experience of insolvency and regulatory work, regulating Insolvency Practitioners at the IPA (Insolvency Practitioners Association). Wayne is innovative, creative and an expert IP, he will help your company resolve its rescue problems or quickly get it liquidated when required.

You can meet Wayne at our Bishopsgate offices in London (near Liverpool Street or Bank stations). wayneh@ksagroup.co.uk or 07879 555349

Andrew Hunter

Financial Director


Andrew trained as an accountant in London with Touche Ross, for whom he served two years in the Insolvency Department. He then worked in Corporate Finance for ANZ Banking Group before transferring to Equities analysis in Institutional Stock Broking, working for Hoare Govett and Merrill Lynch.

Professor Jones

LLM FCA Solicitor & Licensed Insolvency Practitioner (legal counsel KSA Group Ltd)

Grant joined KSA Group Limited as the company secretary. He brings with him a wealth of insolvency and turnaround experience. Grant originally qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young. Having qualified as a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, Grant established his own practice in the 80s. He was invited to be head of insolvency at a then top-20 accountancy practice, Morrison Stoneham, which became the first accountancy practice to float and it floated under the name of Tenon.

Marie Moody 

Office Manager and Corporate Advisor


Marie has talked to thousands of worried directors, partners and sole traders over some 7 years or more of working with KSA and has an ability to listen and ask pertinent questions. Not a skill that many people in insolvency have!

Russell Mallen 

Associate Manager, West Midlands


Russ is very experienced in the provision of quality accounting information in distressed situations. As an accountant he understands the financial information needed to ensure a speedy and stress free liquidation.

Call Russell on 0121 378 0671 or 07989 575933.

Gary Weber

Regional Manager, London West


Gary joined KSA Group in late 2010 to help us expand our services in the South East. Gary is passionate about helping directors having been an owner and a director of a number of businesses in industries including pubs, catering, road haulage, and retail. Therefore, he has a very broad business experience and will listen to directors with empathy and offer good advice.

You can contact him on 07739 325008 or garyw@ksagroup.co.uk

George E Davis

Regional Manager, East Midlands


George Davis joined KSA Group in November to help us expand our services in the East Midlands. George is a very experienced businessman in disciplines of business strategy, marketing, P&L and operational management, consulting and project and interim management.  He is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and holds an MBA.

You can contact him on 0771 4765579 or georged@ksagroup.co.uk

Derek Robinson

Regional Manager, Scotland and Northern Ireland


Derek joined KSA Group in November 2011 to help us expand our services throughout Scotland and Northern Ireland.

A creative and yet objective thinker, Derek understands very well the challenges of running a business and is keen to advise and help directors overcome challenging financial circumstances.

You can call Derek on 0771 476 5578 or 0131 242 0081 or email on derekr@ksagroup.co.uk

Hugh Gabriel

Regional Manager, South West


Hugh has been involved in company rescue & turnaround since 1997 and has owned and been a director of many businesses including office equipment, food processing, property & management consultancy. Hugh considers that there is normally a positive solution for a company experiencing difficulties, and thoroughly enjoys identifying the way forward, .

You can call him on 01934 527690 or 07 773 965 386 or email on hughg@ksagroup.co.uk

Amanda Eckersley

North West Regional Manager


Amanda has worked in insolvency for ten years, covering the full spectrum, including Bankruptcy, IVAs, Compulsory Liquidations, MVLs and Administrations. By joining KSA she can now focus on assisting businesses in and around the City, Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas.

Managing Director, Keith Steven, said “I am delighted to welcome Amanda to our growing KSA team with her deep experience in insolvency and asset based lending. I am sure that she will be a valuable new team member and that she will help many North West businesses.