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About Us

Who are Liquidate My Company?


We are a UK Wide Insolvency Practice Founded in 1999

We provide high quality, easy to understand advice on turnaround and insolvency problems. Supported by trained advisors who can explain what solutions are available. We pride ourselves in giving the right advice for the situation, and if that means we cannot help prospective clients we will say so.

Our Story

Why we are different

KSA Group has run one of the largest insolvency websites called for over 20 years. Unfortunately not all companies can be saved, so we have set up to help directors close their companies quickly, cleanly and professionally.

We are not “discount merchants” and so will not tempt you in with a low fee only to take more at the other end of the transaction. What is more, we do not expose you to additional personal risk by asking you to personally guarantee the fees for liquidation. Read the small print!

Meet Our Team

Keith Steven

Managing Director

07833 240747 @keithsteven

Keith founded the KSA Group back in 2000 and launched the biggest insolvency website and lives in Northumberland

Eric Walls

Director Insolvency Practitioner

0191 482 3343 @ericwalls

Eric heads up our liquidation team and oversees all liquidations. He is a straight talking Geordie and will always give the right advice to worried directors.

Wayne Harrison

Director Insolvency Practitioner

020 7887 2667

Based in London, Wayne manages our South East operations.

Iain Campbell

Operations Director

01289 309431

Iain is our director in charge of HR, and business rescue case work.

Gary Weber

National Insolvency Manager

020 7887 2667

Gary oversees all our regional managers in the UK who help directors save or liquidate their companies

Derek Robinson

Scotland & Northern Ireland Regional Manager

0131 242 0081

Derek works out of Edinburgh and covers Scotland, Northern Ireland and the West Country.

Steve Jones

South East Regional Manager

020 7877 2667

A management accountant by training Steven covers Kent and areas East of London

Russell Mallen

Birmingham Regional Manager

0121 3780 671

Russell is our regional manager in Birmingham and is a qualified practising accountant as well.

Adrian Ohio

Manchester Regional Manager

0161 956 8671

Solicitor Adrian has particular interest in insolvency and can help directors in the Manchester area.

Sarah Massey

Corporate Advice

0800 9700539

Sarah will often be the directors first contact with us and her friendliness and clarity encapsulates what we are about.

Robert Moore

Marketing Manager

0800 9700 539

Robert has built this website that you are reading and can also advise directors on what all their options are including liquidation.