We are insolvency practitioners

KSA Group are Licensed Insolvency Practitioners

As insolvency practitioners (IPs) we save viable businesses, and help close those that are not!  Some websites say you don’t need to employ an IP to close your company with debts.  Be very wary of people who say “don’t go to regulated licensed professionals but come to me!”

 Eric Walls MIPA FABRP

National Director of Turnaround and Insolvency

Eric is a licensed insolvency practitioner regulated and licensed by the Insolvency Practitioners Association. His ethos is always “give the right advice, choose the right options, rescue first if possible.” He has many years experience in accounting and insolvency having trained at Touche Ross (Deloitte) and has been involved in turnaround and insolvency since the early 90’s.

Wayne Harrison

 Director of Insolvency London

Wayne is an insolvency practitioner with many years experience of insolvency and regulatory work, regulating Insolvency Practitioners at the IPA (Insolvency Practitioners Association). Wayne is innovative, creative and an expert IP, he will help your company resolve its rescue problems or quickly get it liquidated when required. You can meet Wayne at our Bishopsgate offices in London (near Liverpool Street or Bank stations).

“This is just what I need, how do I contact you?”

Simply call 0845 519 4930 24 hours.

KSA Group  has 5 offices (London, Gateshead, Manchester, Birmingham and Berwick,) we cover the UK for liquidation, administration and company voluntary arrangements. One call to our central FREE Helpline will help you solve problems today.

* some mobile charges are applied to free phone numbers.