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Close Your Company Cheaply and Easily With or Without Debts

We help directors move on.

Once you have put your company into liquidation it is a chance to start again.  

Remember that a failure of a limited company does not mean that you are a failure.

As long as you have not done anything fraudulent or have wilfully neglected or made the creditors situation worse you do not have much to worry about.

In a liquidation your staff (and this could include you) will be paid redundancy by the government.

What we do as liquidators

Initial Advice is free

We will meet with you for no charge and will explain your options and we will set out all our fees in writing. All we need from you is as much financial information that you can put together so we can assess the situation.

Liaise with all creditors

As soon as you appoint us you no longer need to talk to your creditors! We will take all of the pressure off. We will write to them and inform them that the company is to go into liquidation and ask them to send a proof of debt.

Handle all the paperwork

There are various forms and notices that we will need to send to HMRC, Creditors, Companies House, The Insolvency Service, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and any regulators that you may be covered by.

Arrange the process

The directors then ask a licensed insolvency practitioner to seek a decision from the creditors and the shareholders as soon as possible (within 14-21 days) to put the company into liquidation with the liquidator appointed by the creditors.

Sell or dispose of assets

If your company has stock, owns a van, kitchen equipment, company car, furniture or computers then we can dispose of these assets and use the proceeds to pay creditors and our fees.

Collect money owed to company

If the company is owed any money then we will do everything we can to get the money back. As liquidators we are officers of the court and can bring pressure to bear on those who owe is a regulated insolvency practice

KSA Group Ltd is a firm of business advisors and licensed insolvency practitioners. KSA Group Ltd is a limited company registered in England & Wales. Details of which can be viewed at under Company number: 3316444 Our VAT number is GB 652 263546

Our registered address is 7-8 The Chandlery, Quayside, Berwick upon Tweed, TD15 1HE Telephone:+44 (01289 30931) Fax: +44 (01289 309429). Our trading names are KSA Group Company Rescue and Liquidate My Company
Regulated by the Insolvency Practitioners’ Association (“IPA”).

KSA Group Ltd is a member firm of the IPA and Wayne Harrison and Eric Walls are licensed in the UK by the IPA to act as insolvency practitioners. Further details are available at

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